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Presentation of the new collection by the speculative haute-couture house FIN 


A project by Petr Stef Kišur and Eleni Poulou, 

members of the art collective Honey-Suckle Company 
and the NOHE NOSHE music duo,

in collaboration with 3 137


Lycabettus Hill

(Outdoor Parking Area)

Sarantapichou 55, Lycabettus, 114 71 Athens

Thursday, September 16, 2021, 19:00



On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Greek Revolution and drawing inspiration from Greek folk costumes, 3 137 invites two members of Berlin’s Honey-Suckle Company art collective, Petr Stef Kišur and Eleni Poulou, to visualize together a speculative haute-couture house.

In autumn 2020, 3 137 launched a crowdfunding campaign on Κickstarter, an international online platform. A year after the successful completion of the campaign, thanks to the financial support of 105 participants and in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Athen, we are happy to invite you to the parking area of Lycabettus, on Thursday, September 16, in order to attend the presentation of the FIN project, a fashion collection curated by the Honey-Suckle Company members Petr Stef Kišur and Eleni Poulou, presenting at the same time a manifesto for each ending that signals a new beginning. The event is realized with the support of the Athens Culture Net. The catwalk will start at 19:00 and will end at sunset, whereas it will be accompanied by live music by NOHE NOSHE.

The modern history of Greece constitutes a meeting point for the cross-pollination of different ideas, qualities, perceptions, and standards. In a place where the East meets the West, bringing contradictions and similarities to the fore, there is an opening for a space, and therefore a possibility for bringing together new communities. 

Amid a period of social distanciation, the guest artists wish to celebrate proximity by creating a new, emblematic attire that they name social dress. The FIN project aspires to share a mutual moment and a common place with the community that will attend it, in accordance with local, peripheral, or seasonal values and strategies.


Honey-Suckle Company (HSC) is a Berlin-based art collective, founded in 1994. Petr Stef Kišur is a visual artist and founder of HSC. Eleni Poulou is a musician, former member of the band The Fall, visual artist and member of HSC. The two of them also comprise the music duo NOHE NOSHE. Their work results from a series of experimentations with photography, music, fashion, the moving image, and sculpture. 


The FIN project is made possible thanks to the supporters of the crowdfunding campaign Greece 2021: An Anti-Fashion Show (carried out in autumn 2020 via the online platform Kickstarter), Mécène / Mycenae (the 3 137 membership scheme), and Goethe-Institut Athen, as well as with the support of Athens Culture Net


Studio Manager: Savina Patrikiou 

Documentation: Fake Office 

Copy Editing: EG (Eleanna Papathanasiadi & Geli Mademli) 


We would like to express our warmest thanks to a number of people for their invaluable assistance to the production of the project:
Evita Tsokanta, Myrto Geroulanou, Margarita Gourgourini, Daphne Heretakis, Patton Hindle, Marily Konstantinopoulou, Virginia Matseli, Andreas Sell


We would also like to extend our gratitude to the supporters of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign:

Nikolas Arnis, James Bridle, Marianna Christofi, Sunday Daskalea, Patton Hindle, Fanis Kafantaris, Rena Karouzaki, Achilleas Kasfikis, Kerenidis Pepe Collection, Despina Krei, Souzana Laskaridis, Marina Miliou-Theocharaki, Alexandra Mourtzini, Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Dimitris Papoutsakis, Eleni Riga, Elli Roupaki, Stamatis Schizakis, Vicki Siolos, Evi Sougkara, Kiriakos Spirou, Kostas Stasinopoulos, Konstantinos Tsetsos, Theodoros Tzanetakis, Eva Vlassopoulou, Frederiek Weda, and many more who wish to remain anonymous. 

With the support of: 


Presentation of the book Frank 

in presence of the artist Sille Storihle 


Thursday, September 2, 2021, 19.00

Danish Institute at Athens (yard)  

Herefondos 14, Plaka 105 58 


We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of the book FRANK, in presence of the artist Sille Storihle, on Thursday, September 2, at the Danish Institute of Athens. In 2012 and together with Liv Bugge, Storihle co-founded FRANK, a queer-feminist platform based in Oslo. Other than memorializing the “life” of FRANK, the book aims at becoming a tool for conversation and knowledge exchange across nationalities, generations, and artistic practices. The book was edited by Sille Storihle during her participation in the  International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) residency in New York, which was supported by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA). 

The idea to bring the book to Athens was born during the ISCP residency in autumn 2019, when FRANK’s Sille Storihle and 3 137’s Paky Vlassopoulou first met. There are many similarities between 3 137 and FRANK, both being artist-run and collective endeavors. They aim to generate a critical and discursive space within the local context in which they operate, driven by the political urgency and artistic interests of their founders. 

Τhe book’s launch took place online at Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair in February 2021. The event in Athens will be the first international, in-person presentation of the book. A limited number of copies of FRANK will be available for sale at the presentation. The book will be introduced by its main contributors, Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle, Antonio Cataldo and Wencke Mühleisen will read excerpts of the book in a video that will be screened for the audience. After the presentation, Sille Storhile will engage in a conversation with two of the founding members of 3 137, Kosmas Nikolaou, and Paky Vlassopoulou, which will later open up to the public.

We will be happy to see you there!

For more information on the book, please visit:


The event is realized with the support of Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), the Danish Institute of Athens, and the 3 137 membership scheme Mécène/Mycenae.

We would like to warmly thank Onassis AiR, Christina Sordina, Angela Adoniou, and Vasilis Papageorgiou for their most appreciated help and support.

*Due to measures against the spread of Covid-19, seating is limited and priority will be given to those who arrive first. The maximum capacity is thirty (30) people.


News of 3 137:

3 137 participates in the Athens Art Book Fair (September 11–12, 2021) with its latest publication Around Labor, Art, and the Auratic Condition (This is Not a Love Song); edited by 3 137 and curator Ilaria Conti.

On September 16, 2021, 3 137 presents FIN; a project by Petr Ster Kišur and Eleni Poulou, members of the Berlin-based collective Honey-Suckle Company. More info coming soon.







Following the link provided, you have access to all the shows that were produced, while also you can see the video that Fake Office created for us. The video documents moments from the produced shows as well as views of Athens, at a time when social distancing measures were being enforced in the city, in order to prevent the spread of Covid – 19. 

F.A.R. RADIO was a temporary web radio station, and all the shows were broadcasted live from the 3 137’s studio, between the 8th and the 12th of December 2020. Over the course of these 5 days, we invited more than 70 participants and 49 radio shows were produced.

Our invited guests comprised local art initiatives and cultural workers, individuals with a research interest in housing and collective/individual property and employees or owners of small businesses located in the Exarchia neighborhood.

The artists Can Altay, Zoe Giambouldaki, Diohandi and Kostis Velonis contributed with four site specific interventions that were installed outside 3 137 and still are accessible 24/7.

Read more about F.A.R. Radio:

F.A.R. Radio Archive: