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Digital Druidism 

an artistic intervention by 3 137

part of Cultures in Conversation:

Practices of Care and Commoning,

organized by Alserkal



@DP World Pavilion, 

Opportunity District, Expo 2020, Dubai 

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Digital Druidism is a multi-sensorial artistic intervention that creates a critical narration around the contemporary culture of wellbeing and the human need for balance and physical health. 

Inspired by aircraft cabin lighting designed specifically to balance passengers’ body clocks during travel between different time zones, the video invites guests to be part of a common experience, a moment of pause and centring.

A slideshow of colours, ranging from pale salmon to deep orange, transports the audience to an urban forest. Someone is running. The atmosphere teeters between a natural landscape and a digital video game environment, as the urban soundscape fills the background. Exercise supports human wellbeing, but it is also a contemporary trend. Very often it constitutes part of our professional profile. People nowadays attempt to position themselves and find a balance. Between digital and physical, natural, and enhanced, we all share the need for wellbeing, and we are all trying to experience it. 

The piece unites elements of contemporary environments and refers to humans’ connection to nature in the digital era. The audio-visual is accompanied by a 3D printed object—a talisman, a symbol, a charm, a jewel in the form of a pill case. An object that bridges the virtual and physical worlds, a passage between the supernatural and reality. It is a pill case ready for the audience to use, to wear for good luck, or to fill with food supplements and get ready to confront the daily tasks.

Video: Daphné Hérétakis
Music: Marios Vitis
Talisman Design: Byron Kalomamas


Digital Druidism is commissioned by Alserkal Arts Foundation