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Who let these kids in here?

Columbia Summer in Greece

Workshop: July 2018

Exhibition: 1.8.2018

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3 137 and Columbia Summer in Greece are very happy to invite you to Who let these kids in here?

This is an exhibition created and curated by students from Columbia University. It was conceived over the course of a month spent in Athens studying the city’s culture and history. Working with 3 137’s ongoing artists' book series and with the curator Evita Tsokanta, we made artwork that aims to convey the experiences we have had as visitors in a country—a somewhat complicated process due to our limited background and subsequent lack of authority on Athenian culture. If the only Greek we know is how to curse and order coffee, how can we go about staging an exhibition? But we are excited to present our own personal perspectives, conscious of the fact that we are joining an ongoing dialogue surrounding the city’s global identity. The exhibition explores these impressions by reading the city as a palimpsest or a series of conversations between the past and the present. In our artists' books we individually and collectively question our biased views of the city’s legacy of erasure, revision, construction, and dialogue. Acting as both curators and artists for this show has given us a unique perspective on how narratives are created and controlled by those who have the power to write history.

So thanks for letting us in here, we’ll show ourselves out!

Artists and curators:

Maddy Aubey, Candy Chan, Christiana Drevets, Shira Elfassy, Sydney Jang, Dimitri Leggas, Amber Lewis, Icey Bingjie Lin, Antigone Ntagkounakis, Marie Papazian, Alli Salwen, Eric Scheuch, Coleman Sherry, Hali Woods, Kaylan Young