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I wanna be a materialist but I just KANT

Natassa Biza, Alexia Karavela, Kosmas Nikolaou, Kostas Roussakis, Paky Vlassopoulou, with female vocal group EξΗ

20.09- 06.10.2013

opening: Friday 20.09

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From the tallest mountain peaks, the distant islands, up to the densely populated cities where there is life and activity, people create their own culture and a range of tools and equipment in order to make their lives simpler, easier and potentially more beautiful.

In a globalized and automated daily routine among systems that succeed or collapse, we create a timeless pause. On the occasion of material culture, the life of objects in tradition and laography, we create an ephemeral scheme with artworks that attempt to highlight the current ''traditions'' of everyday life. Artworks that indicate crafts and customs that have survived or imported stylistically in our credit card and “sign in” everyday life.


In this exhibition we attempt to create a system, stable or not, that highlights the local identities of the artworks. Works that receive influences and are placed in a hyperlocal system, regardless the place being produced.


We wonder how the artworks, as part of material culture, shape our identities and in which way we are encouraged to define our course and thinking. Having this concern, we process the ways in which works are mental products, despite the way of they are produced, bodily (physically) or mean craft.


The curatorial brings the works close to each other, trying to give an answer to a strange feeling that is created, a feeling of a gap, between a sense of presence that the artists' constructions activate and an overall sense of distance and absence. More specifically, works seek to tell stories ranging from their creators aspirations and at the same time develop their own existence as autonomous objects.

Photography: Mariza Nikolaou