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Kiss Me Like You 'll Never Kiss Me Again

Μaro Michalakakos

Saturday 18 April, 21:00 @ State of Concept, Tousa Botsari 19, Sygrou Fix

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State Of Concept and 3 137 are very happy to invite you to a benefit dinner in support of their activities. The dinner will be held at State of Concept, on Saturday 18th of April at 21:00 pm. 

The dinner is entitled "Kiss Me Like You 'll Never Kiss Me Again" and is the work of artist Maro Michalakakos. Its a paradoxical ceremony celebrating carnal lust and the seperation from death. 

Apart from Maros's invaluable support, We would like to thank Eleni Martinou, Stamatis Schizakis, Barbara Polla, Dimitris Antoniou, Tarzan Cooks, Irene Karouzaki, Alexandra Mourtzini, Fanis Kafantaris, Michalis Papatsimbas, Nikolas Leventakis and Manolis Foinikianakis, Pantelis Papadodoulos and Studio 17, Intercatering company, Catherine Jarrier, Chara Kaisari, Oly Sismani, Nikos Stergiotis, Maria Kallimani, Konstantinos Hatzialexis as well as Iodio Restaurant, Kintonis Winery, the funeral office Papios, Stelios Parliaros - Sweet Alchemy, KallimanisCompany, bar O Mpampas, Georgia Chatzopoulou and Hatzis Restaurant for their invaluable support.

Entrance to the dinner is 20 euros.

If you wish to support our efforts without attending the dinner we would be delighted if you donated 10 euros towards our efforts.

Thank you for participating and supporting our programme and we hope to meet soon. 

The evening we are organising is hoping to strengthen the links between members of our community and to be an experiment for the possibilities of funding private initiatives.