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less than 300 dpi

15 seconds cinema

At 3 137's Instagram Account


18 September- 3 October

Works by:

ATH Kids, Santra Odette Kipriotaki,

Daphné Hérétakis, Penelope Koliopoulou,

Eva Stefani, VASKOS,

Ahmet Ogut, Joshua Olsthoorn


Coordination: Natalia Mavridou


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After the summer, 3 137 opens the artistic season with the exhibition less than 300 dpi, 15 seconds cinema that will be entirely presented on Instagram. We have been meaning to experiment with this form of presentation since last year, and today rapid developments in public health, social distancing and the dominance of digital media in the fields of communication, work and entertainment make it more relevant than ever.

The works of the exhibition will be presented in rotation in the Stories of the 3 137 Instagram account. Each work will be online for 24 hours. The works were especially created following the format of Instagram Stories, with short and alternating shots and with a maximum duration of 15 seconds, i.e. the maximum duration of an Instagram Story. Our aim is to infiltrate the popular platform, by creating a rule of cinematic narration.

The exhibition, less than 300 dpi, 15 seconds cinema, starts from the cliché that we live in a post-internet era where the image dominates, and social media is the main means of communication. The way we receive information has changed, news about our social environment, politics, social issues, and even trends in fashion, consumption and e-commerce, travel in a much faster and more direct way. By using the dynamics of these media, we want to challenge and renegotiate their role and impact on modern and everyday life.

The exhibited works represent ideas and stories about social issues, often invisible, and not so widespread in the public sphere. They bring to light different groups and characters, they talk about issues of identity, gender, origin, as well as issues that pertain to underground culture. Using the camera of the mobile phone, recording history in an immediate way, and highlighting unpredictable and unfamiliar environments, we want to create an integration story and orchestrate an experimental choir of different voices. 

The immediacy of the recording, the sense of testimony created by the use of the mobile camera, the raw footage, the posting and circulation of the image almost in real time, makes us think of the "Cinétracts" again. 

A group of filmmakers in France, in response to the events of May '68, decided to make a series of short films called “Cinétracts”. Each "Cinétract" lasted about 2 minutes and 44 seconds, a duration caused by the length of the film reel, and an easily available solution. It was produced quickly, often over the course of a day, and aimed to spread widely and provoke discussion and action. 

With an even shorter duration than “Cinétracts”, the participating artists were invited to create a series of Instagram stories, as their own “Cinétracts” specifically created for contemporary media. 

Our aim is to create a modular narrative consisting of animated images-works that come together to make a documentary, a collective film that evolves into episodes. 

To be continued on the touch screen...

The exhibition less than 300 dpi, 15 seconds cinema, inaugurates the program F.A.R., Floor Area Ratio curated and presented by 3 137 for 2020-2021.

The exhibition is supported by NEON Organization for Culture and Development.