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Wednesday 31.7.19


Athens Curatorial Project, 

Columbia University

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3 137 and Columbia University’s Athens Curatorial Project are very happy to invite you to Polykatoikia.

Athens Curatorial Project is a collective undertaking of thirteen undergraduate students from various academic backgrounds, who have spent the past month living in Exarcheia and studying the history of the Greek present. Working with 3 137 (Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Kosmas Nikolaou, and Paky Vlassopoulou) and with independent curator Evita Tsokanta, the students draw on their experience in Greece to present the exhibition Polykatoikia.

The artworks use both reclaimed materials and assemblage to explore the idea of “repurposing” and its political, anthropological, and physical role in producing a modern Athens. The exhibition uses the concept of polykatoikia—literally, “many residences”—as a framework for examining the way public space, historical narrative, and tradition are repurposed and reconceptualized across many temporalities.

Artists and curators:

Uwa Akhere, John Luke Bruni, Lilly Cao, Sunny Chen, Amy Greenberger, Rachel Marcovich, Ibby O’Carroll, Kate Steiner, Anika Tsapatsaris, Jake Van de Walle, Jason Wang, Crystal Xie, Susie Zhu